Artist Studio Lease Agreement

The difference between these types of contracts is not always obvious. The courts will always look at the text and the nature of the occupation that is granted to you, not just the title of the document. If you have been granted exclusive use of your studio, unlike a studio sharing agreement, it increases the presumption that whatever the document called a license, you have actually obtained a rental agreement. As such, you have the advantage of being able to apply for a new lease. This is called “mandate security.” Well-advised landlords therefore generally grant leases that are excluded from the implodation security of the Landlords and Tenants Act of 1954. The studio can only be used for legal business activities. There is absolutely no tuxedo or alcohol in the building. It is permissible to smoke outside the building. The tenant is responsible for cleaning smoke-related waste (ashes, cigarettes, etc.) before departure. The rental agreement requires that all subleased artists first obtain SPACE`s permission for the action or subleased of their studio and sign the sharing and sub-contract agreements (easy to do). Subletting a studio without formal agreement would be a breach of the lease.

SPACE actively ensures that all studios are leased in accordance with the space rental policy and strongly discourages “under-the-radar” sublease. There are regular studio inspections to ensure that the use of the studio complies with the terms of the rental agreement. BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBORS – Be present at all times during the rental – Keep the event or session included in the studio – Maintain monitoring of adult minors at all times – Clean garbage or other objects before leaving the building. The written agreement you enter into for the “rental” of your studio is referred to as a “rental/lease agreement” or “license.” If the studios are in a limited supply and the demand is high, we cannot support all the artists who apply for a studio, and decisions must be made. Decisions are made by collaborators who themselves have a formal artistic background and an understanding of artistic practice. We do everything in our power to ensure that these decisions are made fairly and openly. SPACE staff reserve the right to refuse, at their sole discretion, the offer of an artist`s studio for people who, in our opinion, do not fall under the heart of SPACEs for the provision of studios or are not eligible for other reasons. We will try to be aware of why we made this decision. Studio rental costs include building insurance, prices, maintenance, administration, service charges, water, garbage collection and other related direct costs. Electricity is charged separately depending on usage.

Most studios are equipped with an individual sub-counter, read twice a year and charged to the tenant. All sub-lets are for a maximum of 12 months, unless waived. It is recommended that dates be included in subload agreements. Sharers are usually on licensing agreements that work with an announcement week on both sides.