Dropbox Reseller Agreement

Your reseller program is a joke, Dropbox called me and asked if I wanted to get more out of my account – if anyone can be on someone`s account and you introduce it as “get more from your Dropbox” – you`re responsible! You`re creating this problem. Of course, people will say, yes, I want a free, no consulate obligation to see if I should get everything from my Dropbox. Opt-out of the agreement. You can refuse this agreement by clicking here and sending the opt-out form within 30 days of the first time your account is registered. However, if you have accepted an earlier version of these conditions that allowed you to opt out of an arbitration procedure, your previous decision to unsubscribe or not to unsubscribe remains mandatory. Exceptions to the conciliation agreement. You or Dropbox can claim claims if they are eligible in a small claims court in San Francisco (CA) or in a U.S. state where you live or work. Any party can only remediat a cease and desopitance action to prevent unauthorized use or misuse of services or infringement of intellectual property (. B, for example, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or patents), without first resorting to arbitration or the informal dispute resolution procedure described above. If it turns out that the conciliation agreement does not apply to you or your application, you accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the national and federal courts of San Francisco County, California, to resolve your application. Dropbox is an active participant in the open source community.

We have left many of our own projects (opensource.dropbox.com) opensourcen and use open source software in various ways in our products. Here you will find attribution instructions for open source software that can be included in our products. No one answered and I still can`t use my Dropbox as I need it – how is that acceptable!?!?? Copyright Agent Dropbox, Inc. 1800 Owens St San Francisco, CA 94158 copyright@dropbox.com I am a long-time Dropbox user – I always bought directly from Dropbox and last year I got a call from Dropbox a Sapphire asking me if I wanted to “make the most of my Dropbox”. Dropbox is subject to oversight by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.