Image Licensing Agreement Template

Preformed image licensing rules: Creative Commons licenses 4. The licensee notifies the licensee, if he has obtained a type authorization and/or a property authorization for the material granted, either in the information relating to the release status attached to the license material on the site, on the invoice or by other means. In the absence of such notification, no model or ownership authorization has been received. Unless the licensee is expressly notified, the licensee does not grant any rights and provides no guarantees as to the use of names, persons, trademarks, commercial enterprises, registered, unregistered or copyrighted designs, or works of art or architecture represented in licensed materials. Both parties also accept and acknowledge that PhotoShelter does not accept any guarantees regarding the use of names, persons, trademarks, commercial representations, drawings or works of art or architecture inscribed, registered or copyrighted, presented in licensed documents. If the licensed material is not released, the licensee is solely responsible for the need for an authorization related to the proposed use of this licensed material. The taker acknowledges that some jurisdictions offer legal protection against the image, image or property of a person used for commercial purposes without his or her consent. The licensee does not provide insurance or guarantee as to whether additional fees or payments are attributable to a model presented in the licensing material in accordance with the requirements of an applicable union, and the licensee is solely responsible for these additional costs or payments to that union. Both parties also agree and acknowledge that PhotoShelter has not provided any assurance or guarantee regarding the equipment granted. 1.2 “Licensed material” refers to any still image, audio, visual representation produced visually, electronically, digitally or in any other way, including negatives, transparencies, film fingerprints, prints, original digital files or any reproduction of these, or any other product protected by copyright, trademark, patents or other intellectual property rights that are authorized by the licensee in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Any reference to the material granted in this agreement relates to each item in the material granted, as well as to the licensed material as a whole. When the shock of such a ridiculous statement finally subsided, I reflected on how the labels we use influenced not only our views on ourselves and each other, but also the opinions and expectations of our customers towards us, as well as the licensing and use of our images.

Because of the global accessibility of content on the internet, consent to a geographically limited image license does not make much sense. The contract defines the conditions for the licensee to use this photo. In the photo license agreement, the licensee is the one who owns the copyright or has the right to use the image.