Ndis Physiotherapy Service Agreement

As a participant, you have the power to choose and decide who and how your services should be provided. If part of the service agreement is unclear or confusing, be sure to get clarification before signing or starting services. Your service provider may have a service contract model that you want to use or you can write it down yourself. An NDIS plan differs from a service contract by explaining their individual goals and the support you have or need. On the other hand, a service contract is about the relationship you have with your service provider and how it will provide that support. It`s a bit like a contract between you and your supplier and make sure you and your supplier follow the rules initially agreed. Your service contract should be simple. In principle, it should contain the following information: Finally, be sure to keep a copy of this service contract so that you can check it from time to time and track the hours of service provided to you. Now that you`ve planned your media, you`ve allocated how you want to use your money and you`ve chosen a service provider, you now need to write an NDIS service contract.

It`s a good practice to refer to your NDIS plan when you start writing.