Riders and Routes

We will post information about our Ride2CW riders and routes here as folks register their ride, runs, walks, and rolls. And at the bottom of this page you can find resources on choosing your route.


  • Rik Hunter (@rikhunter): Running around Findlay, OH all week
  • Cheryl Ball (@s2ceball ): Ride2CW from Columbus, OH to Findlay, OH
  • Bill Hart-Davidson(@billhd): Ride2CW fromLansing, MI to Findlay, OH
  • Jim Ridolfo (@ridolfoj): Ride2CW fromLansing, MI to Findlay, OH
  • Kristopher Purzycki (@krispurzycki): Ride2CW RunThruCW (13.1 miles) on his own route around Findlay, OH
  • Traci Gardner (@tengrrl): Drive2CW on her own route and documented on her blog

Route Resources