Secofi Vehicle Safety Agreement

“We are concerned that negotiations on the automotive sector are putting pressure on lower safety standards. The regulation requires that all vehicles sold be equipped with technology to monitor the proximity of a pedestrian or object. The system can automatically trigger the brakes when a collision is considered imminent and if the driver does not react in time. The ETSC, together with a coalition of organisations, has written to the EU`s 27 transport and industry ministers and expressed concern that important new EU vehicle safety standards, which are expected to come into force from 2022, could be imposed for a blow. Last year, the European Union agreed that, from 2022, all new cars, vans, trucks and buses should be equipped as standard with a range of new vehicle safety technologies. The measures aim to prevent 25,000 road deaths in fifteen years, […] Jason Levine, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, said the lack of U.S. participation in the UN group was embarrassing for a country that was once a leader in auto safety. The recognition referred to in point (a) shall not apply to the certificate for vehicles carrying dangerous goods. A new study, led by Professor Oliver Carsten of the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, investigates the most efficient and user-friendly human machine interface (HMI) options for Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA). From 2022, ISA systems will be needed for all new cars, vans, trucks and buses sold in the EU as part of a series of mandatory new vehicle safety technologies contained in the updated EU General Safety Regulation, adopted last year.

The updated law defines ISA as “a system […] British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hinted that he expects cars to be included in any new transatlantic trade deal. Thatcham Research and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) are calling on the UK government to review its plans to roll out Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) on UK roads in early 2021, as “this will endanger the lives of road users”. The organizations say the government should continue its work to ensure that road safety is fully taken into account before the introduction of automated lane-keeping systems. Concerns are raised, as both the functionality of ALKS technology and the rules in which they will work will have the effect of […] CONSIDERING that it is desirable to facilitate the cross-border movement of commercial vehicles between the Contracting Parties with regard to heavy goods vehicles and public service vehicles by recognising the commercial vehicle test certificates issued by the Contracting Parties concerned. A spokeswoman for the Department of Transport told BBC News that the government would decide on its own safety rules after Brexit. U.S. President Donald Trump once scoffed at pedestrian safety standards – even though the White House later said he was joking. Several EU Member States have officially informed the European Commission of temporary suspensions from the application of a series of European road safety laws. Several countries allow longer driving times for truck drivers to allow the delivery of vital products such as medical equipment. As driver and vehicle inspection services are forced to close, many countries have also extended the validity of driver`s licenses, qualifications and vehicle examination certificates.

While ETSC recognizes the unique circumstances of the current lockdowns, […] Notwithstanding Article 2, the holder of a certificate may not be exempted from ensuring that the vehicle complies with the standards and conditions of roadworthiness test applicable in the reception area. Otherwise, the holder is liable to sanctions under the legislation in force of the host party. . . .