Treasury Management Agreement

This service, provided as part of a separate agreement between you and a third party, allows you to transfer or “sweepen” funds between your current account and the investment fund you select to invest. We do not assume any obligation to act or to fail the service provider. Their funds are insured by the FDIC until they are transferred outside the bank to buy investments. Internal transmissions. Transfers between your deposit accounts with us are subject to the terms of your account agreement. Although you are able to order our online system to make transfers between your accounts at any time each day, transfers made after the cutoff time of service or non-bank days can only be booked the next day of the bank. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, we shall be liable to you only for damages resulting directly from our intention or gross negligence in the performance of services. We are not responsible for losses, delays, costs or liability, to the extent that they result directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from: (a) to your actions or omissions or to those of third parties who are not subject to our direct and appropriate control; (b) your negligence or breach of an agreement with us; (c) ambiguities, inaccuracies or omissions contained in instructions or information provided to us; (d) errors, errors or delays in the transmission or transmission of data, recordings or objects resulting from a computer or communication device failure; (e) accidents, strikes, labour disputes, disturbances, fires, floods, water damage (e.g. B by firefighting systems) or acts of God; (f) causes that are not under our proper control, including non-enforcement by third parties; (g) the application of a rule, directive, directive or regulation on transfers of state or resources; (h) the lack of funds available in your account to complete a transaction; (i) our inability to confirm the authority of a person acting on your behalf, to our satisfaction; or (j) your failure to follow the software manufacturer`s recommendations or our service instructions. There may be other exceptions to our liability, as stated in your account or other service agreements with us. Each time you submit an order through the money transfer service or submit an order file through the Wire Upload Service (a “file”), you confirm that our security and verification procedures are commercially appropriate because of the normal size, nature and frequency of your transactions. You agree to be linked to any transfers, statements or payment statements we receive through the Services, even if you do not allow them, if they contain your password or if we process them in any way according to our security procedures. Some of our services allow you, or your administrator, to set trade restrictions and put in place internal controls.

If you do not set such restrictions and implement these controls, you increase your exposure and liability to unauthorized transactions. We strongly recommend that you impose a dual-control environment in conjunction with the transfer and confirmation of orders. If you decide not to do so, you agree to be subjected to a higher level of care with respect to your accounts, transactions and bank statements.