Umich Sublease Agreement

remark. Michigan law establishes rights and obligations for parties to leases. This agreement is necessary to respect the truth in the rent law. If you have a question about the interpretation or legitimacy of a provision in this agreement, you can contact a lawyer or other qualified person. This should not be less than the 12-point type size, or in readable print with letters should not be less than 1/8 inch (Me. Comp. Law 554.634). Be sure to fill out an inventory list before passing the keys and let your subtenant finish one. Decide in advance who is responsible for the damage at the end of the lease. The amount of the surety and the liability for damages must be included in your sublet contract (

This lease is used by the subcontractor to replace the lease with another person if it can no longer honour the temporary lease commitment. If another person lives in the apartment when the tenant cannot reside there, the burden of paying the rent there and where they are in the median will ease. If a sublease contract is active, sublessee may have the same rights as the original tenant while staying there. Based on Michigan laws, if a tenant wishes to sublet the property they are renting, the landlord will not be able to prevent them. There are no specific rules when it comes to sublesing in this state, but the owner will probably want to be informed if this type of agreement occurs. The lessor cannot prevent a sublease agreement from entering into force if the original lease stipulates that it is not allowed on the land. If a sublease is not permitted, the subtenant could be considered to have a decomposition, which could be grounds for termination against the original tenant. Have your student write everything down. You can use the rental agreement and inventory list provided on the Off-Campus Housing website to make the process more fluid.

This will determine when the subtenants live in the space, who is responsible for any damage during the extract and much more. The subtenant should receive a copy of the original lease, as he is also responsible for the maintenance. It is important to trust your tenant and to have a clear and legal subletting contract. If you have any questions or concerns, visit the Legal Student Service ( website for more information or contact us at the! Be careful when posting your unterlet on websites and never insert personal information about yourself – public forums are accessible to all! Using Beyond The Diag Roommate Finder and positioning your unterlet on the site ( is a great way to protect your safety, as only um-bound can access it.