Support Graduate Student and NTT Faculty Participation

Welcome to the 11th annual Ride to Computers and Writing “pledge ride” to support the Computers and Writing Graduate Research Network Travel Grant Awards, which help fund graduate student and non-tenure-track faculty attendance and participation at the Computers and Writing Conference and the Graduate Research Network.

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The main Ride2CW event will take place on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Many “riders” (and one of them could be you!) will ride to and/or ride, roll, run, walk around the Graduate Research Network and  Computers and Writing 2022 Conference,

Computers and Writing Conference, May 19-22, 2022
Conference host: East Carolina University
Location: Greenville, NC
Contact email:

These events are organized as an “unrace” (as in “unconference”) group ride/run/walk/roll events and can take place at any time during the conference. To participate, visit the Register to Ride page and choose your level of involvement. We will keep you updated on riders, routes, start times, and the participant Ride2CW gathering/celebration that evening.

There are several additional ways that you can help to send a grad student / fixed-term faculty member to C&W 2019 and the GRN:

  • Become a rider, walker, runner, or roller! Join a route or create your own. Convince your friends to ride, walk, run, or roll, too. Register here and we’ll shout it out for our fundraising efforts.
  • Visit our FAQ page if you’re unsure about what this all means.
  • Share this site with your friends and beg for donations (see The Fine Print for details);
  • Follow us on Twitter @ride2cw, retweet our announcements to your Twitterverse, and use #ride2cw when you talk about it;
  • Like our Facebook page – Ride2CW —  and invite others to join and donate!

If you have any questions, email ride2cw[at]gmail[dot]com.