Adobe Reader Accept End User License Agreement Registry

It seems to be an authorization issue, because as an administrator, I do not see the error message. However, if a user simultaneously opens the PDF file from Adobe Reader (unlike Windows Explorer), they can open it. So that would rule out an eligibility problem… Some users have had problems with Adobe Reader X. If they try to open pdfs that are stored in a network share, they will say, “Before you continue, you must first launch Adobe Acrobat and accept the end-user license agreement.” I do not seem to be witnessing this problem. I wonder if it`s just the chance of everything, or because I have higher rights than users… Most administrators adopt the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) on behalf of their organization, so end-users are not required to perform this task. Run one of the following measures: The APTEE tool facilitates serialization, registration removal and EULA acceptance All products, illustrated operating systems, all workflows that require the utility adobe_prtk packed with APTEE: Execution: Acrobat (per user): Accept EULA for the browser plugin via EULAAcceptedForBrows. All products (all user machine settings): use the property EULA_ACCEPT in the cmd line during installation.

In the guide above, it shows how to do with a record change that you can move through a group policy object. Another solution on the register proposed by Patrick Hoban Aha. Looks like it could have been like this. I had disabled security, but as an administrator. It seems that I have to disable it as a connected user. Or does anyone know how to disable it by default? This section describes some basic parameters that optimize deployments by reducing end-user interaction at product start-up. The Advanced Configuration section contains examples of additional configurations. On the Adobe forum, one user responded that he was able to remove all Adobe apps and Adobe registration keys and reinstall. I`m definitely not ready to reinstall Photoshop, so I`m not going to try the whole procedure. However, it`s interesting to see some Acrobat entries in my record in addition to drive entries: Administrators usually set up computers to prevent product updates by end users. Computer-level settings can be set before or after making them available. Registration does not apply to licensing designated users, as the application is de facto a type of registration.