Agreement Has Been Reached In Italiano

Lucas Paqueta`s time at AC Milan is expected to end after they have agreed a transfer deal with Lyon. The 23-year-old has been linked to a change since the end of last season, coach Stefano Pioli recently shut him down from the team during discussions about a possible exit. Paqueta has already bid farewell to his Milan team-mates, ending the disappointing spell since arriving from Flamengo for 38.4 million euros in January 2019. Although Lame`s husband and two daughters are Italian and have lived in Italy since the 1990s, her case has been on hold for more than three years, she said. Lawyer Maria Turco denied any business agreement with the university and said her comments had been taken out of context. So far, Juventus have refused to comment and the accusations have not been publicly made on the allegations. The university did not immediately respond to requests for advice. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the exit is almost certain since Milan and Lyon have reached an agreement on a sustainable transfer. The woman from Suarez is of Italian origin and her Italian passport gave her the opportunity to apply for citizenship without having 10 years of residence.

An Italian passport would have allowed Suarez to join Juventus, although the Turin club has already reached its limits for non-EU players. Although he is no longer expected to join the team, no decision has yet been made on his candidacy. His contract with the Italian champions, Juventus, would most likely have received a million a year. In a curious twist, Chiellini also plays for Juventus Turin. This week, investigators opened an investigation into a citizenship application by Uruguayan Luis SuĂ©rez, who claimed that his Italian-language test had been manipulated, allowing him to go much faster throughout the process. Rumor has it that he is about to be transferred to Italian club Juventus, which has already reached its limits as non-eu players. Instead, he is expected to join Atletico Madrid after the team announced that he had signed a transfer deal with Barcelona. But not if you`re a professional footballer. As announced on Tuesday by the chief prosecutor of the city of Perugia, city of Perugia, which passed the swedish language test, the players` test revealed irregularities. The topics discussed are “agreed with the candidate as a preventive measure and the relative score has already been awarded before they are executed,” he said. He received a high enough grade to meet citizenship requirements, although his teachers found “a basic knowledge of the Italian language” during his online course, investigators added.

. The Brazilian is expected to land in France in the coming hours to conclude the deal. Paqueta has scored only one goal in 44 games in all competitions for Milan. But wiretaps of investigators that appeared in Italian news agencies suggested that she was not as impressed with her language skills as her mail indicated. . Igiaba Scego, a Somali-Italian writer, said in an editorial in the Italian newspaper Domani that the system needed to be overhauled.