Avigilon End User License Agreement

10.8 Full agreement. This agreement is the full and exclusive agreement reached between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous discussions, negotiations and memorandums concerning the agreement. 4.6 Publicly available software. The software contains or comes with components subject to the terms of open source software licenses. Open source software can be identified in the documentation or the licensee must provide you, upon written request, a list of open source software for a specific version of the software. To the extent that the license attached to the open source software requires the terms of this license, the terms and conditions of this contract apply in place of this open source software, including, but not only, all provisions relating to access to source code, modification or reverse engineering. You agree to comply with the terms of the licenses of this open source software. (b) the software contains a separate Click-Accept license agreement or a third-party licensing agreement as part of the installation and/or download process. In the context of a contradiction between the provisions of the previous documents, the order of precedence (1) is the contract signed, (2) the Click-Accept contract or the third-party licensing agreement and (3) the software license agreement. TERMS AND CONDITIONS SOFTWARE OWNERSHIP – PELCO owns and retains all rights, titles and interests of the software and documentation provided by PELCO, regardless of the media or forms in which the Software may be present, other copies or documentation, including copies. This software license agreement is not a sale of the original software, a copy of it or documentation. PELCO reserves all rights that are not expressly authorized on customer data 6.2.2. The client reserves ownership of the customer`s data.

The customer grants Motorola and its subcontractors a personal, free, unlimited, non-exclusive license for access, use, copying, modification, customer data to customers close to the customer, other Motorola customers and end-users. In addition to the rights mentioned above, the customer grants Motorola a license to sell the anonymous version of the customer data for all uses 5.1.1. For the duration of the agreement, the parties may provide confidential information. Licensed products and all delivery components are considered confidential information provided by Motorola. Each party will respect the confidentiality of the other party`s confidential information and will not disclose it to third parties unless the party disclosing the authorization has been approved in writing or by a competent court; Limit the disclosure of confidential information to employees who have the “need to know” and who do not copy or reproduce confidential information; Take the necessary and proportionate measures to protect the confidentiality of confidential information, including the information of its staff that processes confidential information, that it is confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties, but these precautionary measures will take at least the same care as that which the receiving party applies to its own confidential information, and they will not exercise due diligence; and to use confidential information only to facilitate the performance of this contract or in accordance with the license issued immediately below.