How the heck does this work and what do you mean by “unrace”?
For the first two years of Ride2CW (2010 & 2011), we had participants ride their bikes to the conference. In 2012, folks expressed interest in being able to do a group ride or a group run or a group walk at the site of the conference in addition to riding to C&W, so that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

We organize the whole thing as self or group organized activities. We are being careful about calling Ride2CW a “race” or “event” because that requires permits. Group rides and club runs, on the other hand, are much easier to do.

How do I sign up?
It’s easy. Head to our Register to Ride page, pick your level of involvement, tell all your friends, ask them to donate to support the GRN, and show up on May 18, or any other day during the conference, to participate! Follow Ride2CW on Twitter for a steady stream of reports.

Who is riding, rolling, running, and walking and from where?
Check out our riders and routes page for updates!

Can I rent a bike?
Yes. More information coming soon!

Can I RollerSki2CW, or Hike2CW, or Walk2CW, or Kayak2CW, or Ride my Horse2CW?
Indeed! We accept any activity that you want to participate in to raise $$$$ for the GRN Travel Grant Awards through our Ride2CW events. Just let us know what you are doing by registering on our Register to Ride page and get your friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers to donate.

Beer? Did you say beer?
And food! If you are in town on Wednesday evening, May 18, 2022, we will gather (somewhere! TBD) to celebrate our collective accomplishments. See the Where’s the Beer page for details.

That all sounds great, but can I just donate!
We LOVE participation in the form of donations to support the GRN Travel Grant Awards. Click the “donate” button right up there on the right (*pointing to the donate button up and to the right*). All contributions will fund the Computers and Writing Graduate Research Network Travel Awards. Paypal is convenient, but they charge $0.59 per every ten dollars donated for processing.

Donors are most welcome at the beer part of the event and any cheering and tweeting along the way!