Social Security Agreement Between Australia And New Zealand

3. However, where a resident residing in Australia is entitled to an Australian benefit under this Agreement or otherwise, the person`s Australian benefit rate shall be zero solely by reason of the application of Article 13(2)(c), that person shall be deemed to be in the recipient of an Australian benefit within the meaning of Article 1, paragraph 1(b) and is therefore entitled to relevant and enforceable concessions under Australian social security legislation. d. Any request or request for information from the competent institutions of the Contracting Parties and from the competent institutions of the Contracting Parties shall be addressed within the framework of an agreement between the competent institutions of the Contracting Parties: 1. (ii) in the case of a person who is married, in a life partnership or in a common-law relationship, the maximum rate of benefit (less a percentage agreed from time to time in writing by the competent authorities and published in the New Zealand Gazette) to be paid to a person married under New Zealand`s social security legislation, in the context of a life partnership or a de facto relationship; whose spouse is also entitled to a New Zealand superannuation or veteran`s pension; 2. Transfers of funds under this Agreement shall be made in accordance with the relevant agreements in force at the time of the transfer between the Contracting Parties. New Zealand has bilateral social security agreements with several countries. Each agreement allows New Zealanders to access certain benefits or pensions when they move to these countries and allows them to obtain similar rights for people who move from these countries to New Zealand. However, if you are travelling to a country that has a social security agreement with New Zealand, you can request that you be paid either before you leave New Zealand or after you arrive in the contracting country under the agreement. There are some exceptions, because after a few agreements, you must be present in New Zealand when you request to receive your payments in the contracting country. If a person is admitted to their partner`s NZ Super or Veteran`s pension as an unqualified partner, the amount of the Australian benefit or pension is deducted from their payment and the remaining amount of the New Zealand superannuation or veteran pension will be divided equally between the two of you.

(d) `competent institution` means, in respect of a Contracting Party, the person or bodies responsible for the management or implementation of that Party`s social security law; Where an Australian benefit is paid under the Agreement or otherwise, the rate of that benefit shall be fixed in accordance with Australian social security legislation, but no New Zealand benefit paid to that person shall be considered income for the purpose of determining that person`s income. (a) a New Zealand benefit continues to be paid in accordance with the provisions on temporary absences under New Zealand social security law, as if the person were established in New Zealand at the time of departure for the third country. .