Wced Rental Agreement

IMPORTANT: Please call us to confirm that we have received your application package! Applications for 2021 are closed because we were completely oversubscribed. Applications for 2022 are from February 2021. Once you`ve logged in and submitted everything, you can track the progress of your application online. It is on the one that it goes without saying that we are oversubscribed, a selection policy must be applied. It focuses on variables (in order of importance) such as the natural feeding area of the school, the language of education, academic performance and whether the learner will also visit the corresponding hostel, etc. The Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS) is a retirement program that provides government employees with support services for access to housing. Like other employer companies, GEHS provides assistance services for access to housing, especially for government employees in national and provincial government departments and associated public bodies. Here are the different aspects of application and admission to help potential parents: applications are sometimes allowed during a school year when a suitable vacancy has arisen in a given class or class. Please call us to discuss your individual needs. Please also note that some restrictions apply to age in relation to class and repetition of grade 12. Please apply as fully as possible and within the specified time frame to ensure that your application is considered. .

Admission is subject to parental acceptance of school rules and policies such as the Drugs Directive; and acceptance of the Code of Conduct by the learner. DID YOU KNOW? Follow the progress of your application online here! The Western Cape Department of Education encourages the online submission of applications on its website: All employees must first register with GEHS to access all services offered by the program. All data provided by the employee is confidential for the purposes of the system. Please read this important WCED circular on the application process! Our admission policy is complex and aims to avoid discrimination. Nevertheless, the best interests of the learner are at the heart of all aspects of our admission policy. In addition to the State Pension Fund (GEPF) and the State Medical Assistance Program (GEMS), the State, as an employer, administers an Employee Housing Assistance Program (GEHS) to ensure that workers have access to adequate housing on a sustainable basis. .